Shipping & Packing Instructions

Shipping & Packing Instructions

  1. About the pickup, Whenever you find it difficult allocating your precious time to walk in to the service center for your gadget service, feel free to register for a pickup with In turn we will organize for the pickup and not only that, if you require the delivery that too can be taken care!!
  2. Since, we understand the value and the importance of the gadgets and it requirements to be handled safely in all aspects, we have chosen the best couriers such as Ecom Express, Aramex, Holisol, Delhivery, First Flight &Bizlog to serve you better, faster also in the safest manner for your gadgets.
  3. The pickup option is available for everyone including individual users, companies, dealers, corporates etc. and the pickup and delivery service is available for the entire country!
  4. How to register for a pickup: You just need to spend 2 minutes for booking your pickup. First register yourself by clicking the "Register" on homepage/ mobile app.
  5. Secondly provide the following information,

    a. At first you have to register your personal details. 

    b. Secondly you have to specify your gadget details and the complaints. 

    c. Finally you have to specify your address, date and time for pickup etc., 

    d. Once the registration is over, we will provide you a ticket ID and this is the proof for the booked call as you have registered with Bigfix. This ticket ID will be sent as an email and as SMS to your registered email Id & mobile number.

  1. Note : Please remember in the registration process, if you encounter any difficulties in placing the call, Please click the “online chat" support option wherein our online executives will assist you during the office hours.
  2. While registering for a call, please be descriptive about your gadget problem.

    a. Please mention whatever the problem you had faced with the gadget previously. 

    b. Please mention if it is broken or damaged. 

    c. Please mention the item you wish to send along with the product. 

    d. Please do not submit your SIM Card/Memory Card or any other accessory along-with Your device. 

    e. Please mention if you require upgrades of memory or hard disk drive or any additional accessories etc.

  1. The pickup would be scheduled and done either by our Biker Team or Logistics Partner depending on your location.
  2. All devices received and opened by us under CCTV surveillance and the condition recorded. If there is any evidence of damage, Bigfix will email a photo of Your Device to Your email ID. This photo shall be the basis of establishing the condition of the Device, and in case of any dispute about the contents of the Package our evidence and decision shall be final.
  3. If the pickup is not ready at the scheduled time and place, the Job will be cancelled & the pickup will have to be rescheduled. Handling fees of Rs.200/- would apply in this case.
  4. Serial number/ IMEI is mandatory to avail Pickup & drop service
  5. Bigfix will pickup devices only after initial verification.
  6. Rs 250 will be charged as logistic fees in case you decide to cancel the repair after the device has been picked up.
  7. The final decision on service is at the discretion of Bigfix
  8. First, gather the appropriate materials, namely:

    a. Cardboard shipping box 

    b. Packing materials, like bubble wrap and newspaper 

    c. Packing tape 

    d. shipping label 

    e. Your shipping box should comfortably accommodate your Phone/ Gadget with at least an inch of packing material on all sides. Use manufacturers box if available with you.
  1. To pack your box, follow these steps:

    a. Remove SIM/ Memory Card/ Charger - Do not Send them. 

    b. Fill half the box with packing material (crumpled newspaper works well). 

    c. Remove Battery and pack it separately. 

    d. Cover your Phone/ Gadget in several layers of bubble wrap to protect the screen and casing from impacts. 

    e. Place the Gadget/ Phone in the center of the box and fill the remaining space with crumpled newspaper. The packing material should form a dense buffer between the edge of the box and the edges of the phone. 

    f. Close the box and gently shake it to test your work. Ideally, your phone will remain completely immobile. 

    g. Tape the top of the box shut and attach your shipping label.
  1. After packing if you require a "Bigfix" address label to stick on top of the pack, please log on to your Bigfix account to print the label. About the payment to the courier companies you don’t need to pay anything directly, since this is covered by us. The actual charges will be added to your service bill as courier charges.
  2. While picking up the product, the courier service provider will be providing a receipt which will contain the airway bill number. From then on you will be able to track your shipment through our respective partner websites using the AWB number. Once the product is fixed by us we will be shipping it asap providing you the AWB number via your registered email ID for your tracking.
  3. Once the device reaches Bigfix, we will register the gadget and generate a job card. Subsequently this copy of the job card will be sent to your registered email id instantly. Based on the job card number you will be able to view the status. When you call our customer care for any information, please do mention this job card number.
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